Remove the warnings in UAntwerpen e-mails.

The "CAUTION" warning that appears at every email from outside our institute is very disturbing! For several reasons it should be removed. Do you also think there are other solutions to warn the universities employees about being cautious for phishing emails? Sign this petition!



We find the CAUTION in the beginning of emails very disturbing. It does not serve it's purpose!



The CAUTION warning appears at every email from which the sender has an address that does not end with "". This results in e-mails from collaborators at other institutes having this warning on top. It not only makes the e-mail cluttered, it also leads to short previews in the side bar being all the same! Sometimes a subject is not sufficient to find the right e-mail. Moreover, in sending a reply, the warning appears to the receiver


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We ask to remove the CAUTION in all external emails and come up with a better, more solid and specific method to warn for dangerous e-mails. The current method does not work at all and can even be counterproductive (it is never taken seriously anymore).

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