You, the petitioner

About the 'stichting' and belong to the stichting Meer Democratie, on the web since 1 May 2005. Our aim is to make it easier for Dutch citizens to sign or start a petition which should be answered. Since 16 June 2008 the recipients of petitions can open a desk in this website to receive and answer petitions.


This service is made possible by professional volunteers, subsidies, temporary professional support and donations. is recognised by the Dutch Tax Authority as a Public Benefit Organisation.


The foundation is erected in February 2004 by ReindeR Rustema, Arjan Widlak and Michiel Leenaars and can be found in the register of the Chamber of Commerce with number 34206249. The board now consists of ReindeR Rustema, Johan Kok, Liesbeth Dillo and Michiel Leenaars.


Technically the site is made possible by the volunteers of the 'Open Domein' association. From them you can get a free e-mailadres without advertising with respect for your privacy. Then you can also become member (for €15 per year) if you appreciate the technical support of this kind of internet projects.


The certificates for the secure communication with are provided by Xolphin SSL Certificaten. Error analytics and other insights we get through who monitor our website. The number +31207854412 and the telephone exchange behind it by CallVOIP.


Our annual report is available in Dutch.