You, the petitioner

Start a petition

A petition consists of three parts: from who, about what, what do you want? All you fill in can be changed until the petition is signed.
Title of the petition
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The name of petition needs to be short because it shows up in listings of petitions, as subject in e-mails, as chat message and as title of the petition page. Max 80 characters.

Short description
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With this text you attract signatures. It appears in invitations by e-mail, in petition listings and on other places. Use the most important keywords, but be brief. For details there is space under the petition. Max 300 characters.

Addressed to

A petition is always addressed to a decision maker. Do not address a petition to a single organisation (like tv-stations), unless there are no alternatives. Ask if an organisation is missing in this list.

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You describe here who you think will sign. Do not exclude signatories. Max 100 characters.

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The observation you write should attract as many signatures as possible. Leave out what could be a reason for some to not sign. Do not include matters not directly involved. Max 450 characters.

And request
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Your request should not be too detailed, because the execution is in the hands of other. Only indicate the desired direction. Write what is important for most signatories, not just a few. Max 450 characters.

Petition image

Add the image for the petition. Make sure it is in the common landscape format (4 wide:3 high), not square (4:4) or portrait (3:4). Be careful with copyrights. The safest is to take a picture yourself or find a free one using for example.

Your e-mail address

The e-mail address you would like to use to manage your petition.

Your name and surname

A petition should have a (legal) person responsible for the petition and the spokesperson. Signatories write to you, journalists call you and politicians receive your petition. If you do not want your name to appear publicly like this, you can change how it appears before the petition opens.


Optional. An organisation reassures signatories that you are not the only one to take responsibility.